Patrick Stone joins the Virgin Blak Family

image_1360832123675337We are proud to announce that Patrick Stone of Adler’s Appetite, formed by original Guns n’ Roses drummer Steven Adler, is now endorsing Virgin Blak Clothing.

Stone joined Adler’s Appetite in 2011 after being referred to the band by the legendary Slash. “This guy’s got pipes,” said Adler’s Appetite bassist Chip Z’Nuff, citing that “his show is over the top – you’re going to get a great show – like a mini Woodstock without the mud.” Adler added, “He’s doing a fabulous job, we’re very pleased with him.”

“It’s an honor to be working with these guys,” commented Stone, “a dream come true. Stone, who is also an actor, has appeared in HBO’s Deadwood and John From Cincinatti. Ironically, this isn’t Stone’s first G’n’R connect – he was slated to be the new singer for West Arkeen’s band at the time of his death.

Adler’s Appetite also features bassist Chip Z’ Nuff, and guitarists Michael Thomas and Lonnie Paul.

Patrick Stone spent October of 2012 Touring Europe with his band Steelgrave as direct support for Ektomorf.  Patrick is now back in LA, writing and recording a new album for a brand new project that will launch early 2013.

Patrick Alan Stone of HBO's "DEADWOOD"

Patrick Alan Stone of HBO’s “DEADWOOD”

Patrick spent 2011 touring the U.S. and Canada as the lead singer for Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductee Steven Adler (Guns N’ Roses) and Adler’s Appetite. He is also the singer, songwriter of the LA outfit Aces N Eights, for which he produced the debut EP “Dead Man’s Hand.” Patrick has worked with such artists as Lemmy Killmeister and Phil Campbell (Motorhead), West Arkeen (The Outpatience), Jimmy Bain (Dio), Simon Wright (AC/DC),  Slash, Duff McKagen, and Matt Sorum (Velvet Revolver), Frankie Banali, Chuck Wright (Quiet Riot), the Australian band Mammal and many more.

On coming on board as part of the Virgin Blak family Patrick said: “I live for cool clothes and couldn’t be more excited.”

Punk Fashion Comeback: Back to black with Virgin Blak

‘Distorted guitars and hoarse vocals will be the soundtrack for 2013 as heavy rock has its biggest resurgence since the 1990s’, claimed Britain’s The Times newspaper in an article last week.


And following hand in hand will be a notable surge in rock and punk fashion on the street, this uprising could be clearly foreseen throughout 2012, from the catwalk to the high street the fashion mood turned decidedly dark, and in a good way. Punk, Goth and 80s Darkwave fashions are back with a vengeance.

The increase in the amount of metal resounding through the streets and fashion runways last year could be easily seen and heard– literally. The fact is studs, spikes, zips, chains and leathers are no longer just for Bikers. From jackets and handbags to heels and jewelry, adding studs to any clothing item can completely transform it’s look and style.

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 It has often been said that everything in the fashion world is recycled. This is because of the phenomenon that fashion trends are repeated every twenty or thirty years. One of the best examples of this is the 70′s revival in the 90′s, which did not only influence fashion but the different aspects of popular culture as well. If this rule of repeating fashion trends is to be followed, it was always expected that in the first decades of the twenty-first century, it would be 80′s fashion, specifically the punk fashion trend, that would make a comeback, and indeed it has. This comeback, although expected was not anticipated to be as big as it has become, which has made every fashionista scramble to get those distressed tight jeans and pop culture T-shirts and a pair of Chuck Taylors – and here at Virgin Blak we are chock full of all of those!

   b_100901ba01513338208774f807dcd65396       121221aa049          5BM_Spike_Studded_Hi_Top_Converse_Sneakers_12

Every era is accompanied by a fashion trend and the 80′s are one of them. This is because it was during the 80′s when the world saw very distinct fashion trends. Some of these include the popularity of black and white striped shirts and shirts with floral prints in the 80′s, which recently have also made a comeback, especially among punk rock artists. Another example is the recent popularity of big earrings, belts and other accessories, which were also distinct to the 80?s, which are used to make the people wearing them stand out. In addition to these, all sorts of accessories like jewelry, epaulettes, sunglasses and leather gloves are also making a comeback, which are very effective in adding flair to any outfit.

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 Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to black. Welcome to Virgin Blak.