What is Health Goth?


By Adam H Gough


In the fashion world, trends come and go, some can go almost as soon as they come.

Case in point: Health Goth.

So what is it?

In a nutshell Health Goth can be described as “traditional goth gone body-conscious,” and “a very modern mix of gothic and punk sensibilities.”

The concept of Health Goth was born last year when American musicians Mike Grabarek and Jeremy Scott began uploading images they were inspired by to Facebook. Soon, their library of futuristic, monochrome style inspo had over five thousand followers, and today, the Health Goth community is still expanding. But what exactly is it?

In an interview with Complex fashion magazine in August this year, the creators listed their inspirations as ‘mesh, moisture-wicking fabrics, prosthetics, fashion and performance wear brands, transparent clothing and chains’. Basically, think traditional goth gone body-conscious, studded wristbands swapped for sweatbands, or indeed worn together. High-performance sportswear is key for nailing the Health Goth look, but inspiration also comes from sci-fi and cyberpunk, which adds the futuristic element.


Despite the name only being first coined last year, Health Goth aesthetics have been around for a while, particularly in the movie world. Trinity from The Matrix, with her trademark wraparound sunglasses, and even Daryl Hannah’s Pris from the 1982 cult hit Blade Runner, could both be classed as pioneers of what’s now known as Health Goth. Slick, figure-hugging silhouettes and transparent materials are all staples of the trend, but Health Goth can also be sexy – think flame-haired Milla Jovovich in The Fifth Element.

Never one to risk being understated in his sartorial choices, Kanye West has also dabbled with the futuristic look, often sporting studded Maison Martin Margiela full-face masks at his shows, and finishing his look with pristine white Nikes.

Is this trend going to stick around? Basically, should I bother investing in it?


According to those in the know, we should all be embracing our dark sides. ‘It’s very now, and something we can expect to trend for months to come,’ said Tammy Smulders, managing partner of trend insight consultancy SCB Partners.

For those still wondering exactly how to do it, Tammy also has some useful advice. ‘Layer fun, edgy and colourful prints on a base of minimalist black, grey and white colour palates. It’s a really interesting style evolution that looks and feels fresh.’ But despite the morbid live-fast die-young diagnosis Health Goth, there’s still hope for those of you wanting to try out the trend for yourself. In fact you need go no further than the Virgin Blak website for all your ironic, black and white Health Goth needs.



Dying young and leaving a good looking corpse does not just apply to human beings, it applies to fashion trends too. So enjoy this iconic trends time on earth as much as you can before it meets its grisly but romantic demise.

As usual Virgin Blak were there with the goods before mainline labels like the Alexander Wang x H&M collection even had their concepts in the womb, and they’ll be the one to take Health Goth to the grave too…



All that glitters is… Virgin Blak!

VB JewelleryForget cautionary tales about running with scissors—it’s the sharp new styles in jewellery that may require warnings before wear.

Fearless accessorizing is the statement this year. As we continue along our fashion guide for 2013, we’ve come to the boldest and edgiest items in the VB store.

The late 1970′s and early 80′s were dominated by punk stylings, and those two decades have a major influence on Virgin Blak’s own stylings to this day. All through this year we have been struck with various trends originating from punk fashion but summer is the season where this fashion really flares up – with the glitters and gleams of studs, stones, chains and spikes glistening in the bright sunlight.

VB Gold Bracelet           VB Skull Necklace           VB Claw Bracelet

The originators of such edgy fashions merely wore what they pleased, but lucky for us, we have something to work with to give our ensemble an au courant dash of edge.

So, how do we integrate studded accessories into our wardrobe? Our advice is more of a straightforward slogan than a boring step-by-step guide, and besides we don’t want to tell you what to wear or how to wear it, as this defeats our very own advice as you will see.

People tend to think of jewellery in extremes, and it doesn’t function well at extremes. It’s not about chunky silver or big ass diamonds. What it comes back to is, does it look personal? It should look like you’ve been wearing it for years—something you picked up along the way. You don’t want to look flashy. You want to feel comfortable. So when you’re buying jewellery, all you need to ask is: ‘Do I feel like myself with this on?’

VB Silver Bracelet          VB Skeleton Bracelet             VB Vampire Ring

And that is our straightforward slogan, so next time you are buying yourself jewellery that’s all you need to remember to ask yourself, ‘Do I feel like myself with this on?’ If you are not already a wearer of jewellery all we recommend is to start simple; Start with a wrist piece and add to it over time, with a necklace and a ring or two. Don’t run out and buy a Mr. T–worthy haul all at once.

VB Cross & Saint 2

The impact music has had on style through the years is all-encompassing, the two have been inextricably linked from the beginning. Punk inadvertently developed a fashion paradigm, which has stood the test of time and doesn’t seem to be losing its potency anytime soon. The best thing about punk inspired accessories is that they employ powerful imagery and promote individuality, and individuality means being YOU! So just like our own mottos encourage – Be Yourself, be Stunning, Stand Out or Get Out!

And remember…all that glitters is Virgin Blak