WORLD GOTH DAY 2013: Did you get your Goth on?

WGD1World Goth Day is an annual worldwide event that celebrates goth music, fashion and art on May 22nd.

It began in 2009 as Goth Day, started by two UK DJs from the BBC, the superbly named Martin OldGoth and Cruel Britannia.

Rather than have it on Halloween they chose May, so goths could stand apart from others by explicitly flaunting their blackness right smack in the middle of sparkling Spring.

tribe4mian-world-goth-dayAt Virgin Blak we’re not ALL about Goth, our line of fashion carries plenty of colour and variety for all kinds of styles (just as long a you dare to be different), but we do carry a lot of dark appeal and have an undeniable connection with the Goth subculture.

Over the past few months we’ve been gathering photos from all you VB darklings in all your Goth Day glory and below is a small collection of what we received. We’re happy to see you gloomy creatures wearing your Virgin Blak with pride on what is one of the darkest dedicatory days of the year!

WGD1          WGD2          WGD3

WGD4          WGD5          WGD6

WGD7          WGD8          WGD9

WGD10          WGD11          WGD12

We hope you had the gloomiest, darkest, BLAKest day of your life and look forward to receiving more of your photos next year.

Virgin Blak Goth Items:

VB_goth1          VB_Goth2          VB_Goth3

VB_Goth4          VB_Goth5          VB_Goth6



VIRGIN BLAK : April Photoshoot – The Blak Swan

For our April Photoshoot our chief photographer, stylist and model ventured deep into the woods – they were greeted with masses of tangled vegetation, broken branchery, and dense underwood …where the reeds in many instances growing to the height of twelve feet and the felled and rotting trunks of once mammoth trees created a striking balance of darkness, decay and disarray – perfect neglect from the hand of man – a natural canvas of dead floral and woodland breeding both fear and wonder.

There were no words more perfect to lend themselves to the images we created than those from the Master of Horror himself, Mr Edgar Allan Poe:


‘Tis said that when
The hands of men
Tamed this primeval wood,
And hoary trees with groans of wo,
Like warriors by an unknown foe,
Were in their strength subdued,
The virgin Earth
Gave instant birth
To springs that ne’er did flow–
That in the sun
Did rivulets run,
And all around rare flowers did blow–
The wild rose pale
Perfumed the gale,
Black Swan 2And the queenly lily adown the dale
(Whom the sun and the dew
And the winds did woo),
With the gourd and the grape luxuriant grew.
So when in tears
The love of years
Is wasted like the snow,
And the fine fibrils of its life
By the rude wrong of instant strife
Are broken at a blow–
Within the heart
Do springs upstart
Of which it doth now know,
And strange, sweet dreams,
Like silent streams
That from new fountains overflow,
Black Swan 3With the earlier tide
Of rivers glide
Deep in the heart whose hope has died–
Quenching the fires its ashes hide,–
Its ashes, whence will spring and grow
Sweet flowers, ere long,–
The rare and radiant flowers of song!

View our full April photoshoot below:
April Photoshoot 1
April Photoshoot 2
April Photoshoot 3
April Photoshoot 4