Be Stunning this New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve, the biggest night of the year. With the right outfit, you definitely won’t be alone at midnight. Be sure to make a statement, live by our motto – Be Stunning.

We have fashion suggestions that will make you look fantastic wherever you party on December 31st.

Club Scene

If you’re spending New Year’s Eve in a nightclub where everybody dons the latest trends, it’s important for you to look the part and stand out from the regular Joes. Be risky. One of these fashion items or a combination of several will help you achieve the perfect look. Mix things up and accessorise, that’s the key.


  • This year, it’s all about leather, so get yourself a nice pair of leather pants, or leather accented pants if you don’t want to go too full on, our leather accented pants remain one of our best selling products this year. On the other hand if you do want to put a little of your wild side on display, snakeskin patterned pants can work just as well as leather, hey they worked for style icon Jim Morrison all year round!

Outdoor Scene

If you’re lucky enough to be in Times Square (or any other outdoor event) when the clock strikes 12, look great with this year’s trendiest jackets. Don’t forget to wear quality winter boots, a matching winter hat, scarf and gloves.


  • Leather is also a winner when it comes to winter jackets. Try a full-length leather trench coat, preferably made out of nice, shiny leather. Black, brown and tan colors all look great when properly matched.
  • A rich-looking sheepskin jacket is always a classic amongst top designers. It’s always a perfect fit for the more mature, classy gentleman who has achieved a certain status and wants to show it. Sheepskin jackets are guaranteed to keep you warm throughout the whole winter season.
  • For a sportier look, get a quilted jacket with a fake fur hood and cuffs. The furry and fuzzy added touch is extremely hot this winter. Don’t worry if you look like an Eskimo; at least you’ll be toasty, not to mention very fashionable.

Warehouse/Rave/Rock Party

Rave parties are always popular on New Year’s Eve, especially among younger partygoers. If you’re going to a 24-hour dancing session that feels more like a full-body massage, I suggest you wear something sporty and comfortable. Here are a few guaranteed winners for those all-nighters:


  • A fun slim fitting graphic print T-shirt, and Virgin Blak is chock full of those. If choosing the right print or graphic message for the biggest night of the year is too much thinking then you can’t go wrong with a plain black or gray v-neck t-shirt. V-necks give your body plenty of breathability and you won’t have to take off everything when you start to break a sweat.
  • Your outfit will not fly unless you wear flamboyant sneakers or some dapper ankle boots. The shoes maketh the man. Just make sure they blend with the rest of your attire for the ultimate look.

Formal Scene

If your party requires a tux, your best bet is a classic black and white combination. However, if you’re going to wrap up the New Year at a trendy restaurant or a more traditional hall party, you’ll need to wear a remarkable suit. Virgin Blak have plenty of unique shirts, blazers and trousers to hybrid together and make you the most stand out guy of the night.

  • Make sure your suit fits and looks perfect.
  • If you’re a little less conservative, a sharply cut three-piece suit is a throwback to the ’70s and could definitely put the fever and groove back into your party.
  • If you are very confident, then try the latest plaid suits, but watch out because if improperly worn, they can look extremely tacky.
  • If you’re more conservative in the image and financial departments, then buy a high-end suit that you could wear all year round. Lightweight black and gray suits are your best bets.
  • Try to keep the colors to a minimum and focus on buying a very nice tie. Plaid ties with shades of purple and cherry look great.
  • Remember to polish your trendy footwear and always display proper table manners. Stay cool, calm and collected and let your clothes do the wild talking.
Have a great holiday and remember- Look stunning. Stand out or get out. Virgin Blak