WORLD GOTH DAY 2013: Did you get your Goth on?

WGD1World Goth Day is an annual worldwide event that celebrates goth music, fashion and art on May 22nd.

It began in 2009 as Goth Day, started by two UK DJs from the BBC, the superbly named Martin OldGoth and Cruel Britannia.

Rather than have it on Halloween they chose May, so goths could stand apart from others by explicitly flaunting their blackness right smack in the middle of sparkling Spring.

tribe4mian-world-goth-dayAt Virgin Blak we’re not ALL about Goth, our line of fashion carries plenty of colour and variety for all kinds of styles (just as long a you dare to be different), but we do carry a lot of dark appeal and have an undeniable connection with the Goth subculture.

Over the past few months we’ve been gathering photos from all you VB darklings in all your Goth Day glory and below is a small collection of what we received. We’re happy to see you gloomy creatures wearing your Virgin Blak with pride on what is one of the darkest dedicatory days of the year!

WGD1          WGD2          WGD3

WGD4          WGD5          WGD6

WGD7          WGD8          WGD9

WGD10          WGD11          WGD12

We hope you had the gloomiest, darkest, BLAKest day of your life and look forward to receiving more of your photos next year.

Virgin Blak Goth Items:

VB_goth1          VB_Goth2          VB_Goth3

VB_Goth4          VB_Goth5          VB_Goth6



Jonathan Rhys Meyers sinks his fangs into new Dracula role

Dracula-NBC-1When it comes to his personal life, Jonathan Rhys Meyers has had a trouble-filled few years.

But now the Irish actor is moving on by sinking his teeth into a new role – that of the most famous vampire of all time, Dracula.

The 35-year-old star takes on the role of American businessman Alexander Grayson, aka Dracula in a new show, a co-production between NBC and Sky Living that looks set to be the sexiest, bloodiest incarnation of the notorious vampire yet. A trailer for the show opens in London in the 1890s, with a party thrown to welcome Grayson into town.

JRM Dracula2It’s quickly made clear that Grayson’s arrival on the scene is going to cause its fair share of problems, especially as he is introduced to Jessica De Gouw’s character Mina Murray – to whom he was linked in a prior life. His love for Mina drives him almost to the brink of insanity, as Grayson attempts to resist encouragement to turn her from a human into a vampire.

Well as you all know Virgin Blak is no stranger of being a fine purveyor and stocker of vampire-esque clothing, and going from the images above Jonathan Rhys Meyers sharp, sleek and chic style matches our offerings down to a tee.

Sink your own teeth in to some of our more vampiric offerings below and get ready for our stock update for next season which will include a welcoming influx of over 1000 new items!

4a1049aed03b4f504b2a43af19217ca76ffb994a3b26b52264ba4b844a4b99e6 36948c231656751fafa01209bef94276 088152b9934c1f3ef9fadf45ca76ff65 130218ab048 130221aa085 a446e6574980f21e95b7f75fd36f2006 aea7cc45c6f1edfe3b724385ad3639da b3f432f941614ec31ce70288995567c9

Daniel Jung’s ‘Black and White Portraits’ Series features Virgin Blak

Daniel Jung’s latest works capture the essence of people and personality in the rich tones of Black and White. They also capture the essence of Virgin Blak perfectly in his striking portraiture of our dedicated endorser Chris Mesmer of LA band Vera Mesmer.

Mesmer_Jung Photo1A lifetime student of the arts, Jung explores the medium of photography zealously, working in the past primarily with color and focusing on a wide variety of subjects. In this exhibition however, he has omitted color entirely, instead translating all the images into black, white and shades of grey, focusing on the personalty of his subjects and removing them from all context by placing them on a white background.

The Artist states, “I chose a wide variety of characters that I know or met that struck me as being compelling people. I limited the portrait sessions to 10 minutes and asked each subject to bring 2 different looks to portray themselves with. In each character I sought not only to capture the uniqueness of each individual- their personal stamp, if you will, but also my own self mirrored in each person. The simplicity of black and white removes each person from the emotion of color, and unifies them in kind of a togetherness through their monochrome presentation.”

Mesmer_Jung_Photo2Daniel Jung is an award winning director and photographer living and working in Los Angeles, California. He was raised in San Francisco, and later went on to attend the prestigious Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. Daniel’s photographs have appeared in numerous international magazines and publications including SPIN, The Wall Street Journal, Runway, LA Weekly, Slave, Nouveau, Bisous, Sessions, Superior, Nouveau, Tantalum, Dark Beauty, PDN, Wraparound, Nous, En Vie, 180, and Photographer’s Forum. In 2010 he was invited as guest lecturer at USC’s Film School.


Big things ahead for Gothenburg’s BatAAr

VIRGIN BLAK wearing Art Metallers BatAAr have sent us a mini update of what’s happening in their world and we’re just as excited as they are about their upcoming activities:

BATAAR_band promo“We’re currently laying down the final recording tracks for new songs that will be released before the end of the year. After our very successful recent trip to Japan we learned a lot of new things and had a lot of eye-opening experiences that will affect the future of BatAAr in a very big way! We wish we could say more but at this point we must keep things shrouded in our much loved mystique…but this thing is going to be HUGE!

“We still wear Virgin Blak in all band related situations as well as in private because it just fits our style and we love the way the clothes both look and feel! They’re truly perfect for our VICIOUS style!

“Hope everything is well with all you guys at Virgin Blak! Regards!”

The Virgin Blak team would like to wish BatAAR all the best and thank them sincerely for rockin’ our threads so VICIOUSLY!

Check out BatAAR wearing Virgin Blak in their vid for ‘Owls and Snakes’ below:



Clufetos&BlackSabbathDid the tickets to your local Black Sabbath show sell out before you were able to score a pair? No worries, we’ve got you covered! Enter our flyaway contest and you and a guest could win an all-expense paid trip to Las Vegas to see the almighty Sabbath perform on Sept. 1 at the MGM Garden Arena.

The prize includes roundtrip airfare for two from your city to Las Vegas, hotel accommodations for two nights, a pair of tickets to the show and if that’s not enough, we’ve thrown in $500 in cash to spend while you’re there.

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Black Sabbath kick off their North American tour July 25 in Houston, Texas. The Black Sabbath Las Vegas Flyaway contest runs through July 12, 2013.

Virgin Blak Endorsers Tommy Clufetos and Rob ‘Blasko’ Nicholson both perform with the Black Sabbath live line-up.




Album Review: Black Sabbath – 13

blacksabbathBack from the grave. The first Sabbath album with Ozzy for 35 years…

Over 40 years since their formation, the question Black Sabbath asked on the first line of the first track on their first album remains a valid one: what is this that stands before me?

Purportedly, this is Black Sabbath in its original and most potent form, in which the downtuned guitar riffs of Tony Iommi soundtrack the apocalyptic visions of Terry “Geezer” Butler, as vocalised by the siren wail of Ozzy Osbourne. It’s not punk, it’s not prog, and it’s not disco, but it assuredly is one of the defining sounds of the 1970s.

And sure enough, that is what the trio, working with producer Rick Rubin, have set out to recreate here. If he was making an album with Jesus Christ, Rubin, as know, is the guy who would say: “I appreciate your input, but I’m really more a fan of your early work.” Here, this means Rubin has attempted to isolate and redeploy the band’s classic qualities. Chiefly, this means Tony Iommi’s riffing (opener “End Of The Beginning” recalls the electric soup of Master Of Reality). The quiet “Zeitgeist”, meanwhile, nods dreamily to the jazz and bongos vibe of (i)Paranoid(i)’s “Planet Caravan”. Ozzy’s vocals throughout 13 are double-tracked in convincing homage to the classic 1970s works, and the album ends with the heavy rainfall and depressing church bell chime that began their debut album.

Virgin Blak Endorsers Tommy Clufetos and Rob ‘Blasko’ Nicholson both perform with the Black Sabbath live line-up.


Patrick Stone (Adler’s Appetite) in his own words: Rockin’ for the Troops

Patrick_Stone - Aces N' Eights

Patrick Stone rockin’ his Virgin Black threads on stage
PHOTO: Diana Gaulda

“I was asked to join The Traveling Guitar Foundation in April, 2013. After learning about the program, I knew I had to be a part of it.

The Traveling Guitar Foundation’s mission is to provide assistance and support to instrumental music programs in school systems in need. They strive to ensure that elementary and high school students have access to music education and musical instrument instruction while they are in their school years. The foundation accomplishes this mission in two ways: one is to travel to schools and put on a music educational clinic for the kids – providing musical instruction, performance, and discussion on a wide variety of topics related to music, instruments, and music education. The other is that they donate guitar kits and other instruments directly to the schools to supplement their music programs. This alleviates the financial burdens on the schools and helps them maintain sustainable musical education programs.

So, I joined the all star group, including founder Damon Marks (Alicia Keys), Oz Fox (Stryper)Traveling Guitar USO, Allen Steelgrave (Shecter Guitars) and Derek McKieth. Our first mission, The USO Tour, Germany.

The United Service Organizations Inc. (USO Show) is a nonprofit organization that provides programs, services and live entertainment to United States troops and their families. Since 1941, it has worked in partnership with the Department of Defense (DOD), relying heavily on private contributions and on funds, goods, and services from various corporate and individual donors. Although congressionally chartered, it is not a government agency. The USO operates 160 centers worldwide.

We landed in Stuttgart, Germany at 8am that Monday morning, June 19th and went right to work. I think we did 16 shows and donated over 32 guitars and gear in less than one week. High Schools, Hospitals, Bars, Barracks, even the shopping mall at The Ramstein Air Force Base. The most touching moment I have to say was playing for some troops on the bus, on their way from the battlefield in Afghanistan back home to the US where they would receive top care for their injuries. These guys gave everything for us and it was an honor to be part of the team taking care of them. While they gassed up the truck to take them to the Aircraft bound for America we gave them our 4 part harmony versions of ‘Leaving On A Jet Plane’ and ‘Country Roads’. I think for a few moments they found happiness. I know we all felt truly blessed. Allen actually started to cry, and behind my sunglasses, I did too. The whole tour was very moving. As a finale we joined the United States Air Force Band for a concert. Most bands can’t hold a candle to these guys. Great musicians. A perfect end to a perfect tour.

The Traveling Guitar Foundation and I will join the USO again this year for tours to Italy and Japan in the fall. Rock N Roll!”

Patrick Stone officially endorsers Virgin Blak Clothing

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VB_masked figureYou asked for it, well now you’ve got it, free shipping to any country in the world!

For this week only we are offering free shipping and delivery when you spend at least $150 on any of the 2000+ weekly updated items at our online store.

Take advantage of this great promotion and let us see how much free shipping benefits for you. If it works out we will offer more promos just like this one and may eventually offer free shipping as standard in selected countries worldwide.

This promotion will finish on Tuesday 11th June, so get in fast!

Virgin Blak…We Always Deliver


VB_Free Shipping Banner

All that glitters is… Virgin Blak!

VB JewelleryForget cautionary tales about running with scissors—it’s the sharp new styles in jewellery that may require warnings before wear.

Fearless accessorizing is the statement this year. As we continue along our fashion guide for 2013, we’ve come to the boldest and edgiest items in the VB store.

The late 1970′s and early 80′s were dominated by punk stylings, and those two decades have a major influence on Virgin Blak’s own stylings to this day. All through this year we have been struck with various trends originating from punk fashion but summer is the season where this fashion really flares up – with the glitters and gleams of studs, stones, chains and spikes glistening in the bright sunlight.

VB Gold Bracelet           VB Skull Necklace           VB Claw Bracelet

The originators of such edgy fashions merely wore what they pleased, but lucky for us, we have something to work with to give our ensemble an au courant dash of edge.

So, how do we integrate studded accessories into our wardrobe? Our advice is more of a straightforward slogan than a boring step-by-step guide, and besides we don’t want to tell you what to wear or how to wear it, as this defeats our very own advice as you will see.

People tend to think of jewellery in extremes, and it doesn’t function well at extremes. It’s not about chunky silver or big ass diamonds. What it comes back to is, does it look personal? It should look like you’ve been wearing it for years—something you picked up along the way. You don’t want to look flashy. You want to feel comfortable. So when you’re buying jewellery, all you need to ask is: ‘Do I feel like myself with this on?’

VB Silver Bracelet          VB Skeleton Bracelet             VB Vampire Ring

And that is our straightforward slogan, so next time you are buying yourself jewellery that’s all you need to remember to ask yourself, ‘Do I feel like myself with this on?’ If you are not already a wearer of jewellery all we recommend is to start simple; Start with a wrist piece and add to it over time, with a necklace and a ring or two. Don’t run out and buy a Mr. T–worthy haul all at once.

VB Cross & Saint 2

The impact music has had on style through the years is all-encompassing, the two have been inextricably linked from the beginning. Punk inadvertently developed a fashion paradigm, which has stood the test of time and doesn’t seem to be losing its potency anytime soon. The best thing about punk inspired accessories is that they employ powerful imagery and promote individuality, and individuality means being YOU! So just like our own mottos encourage – Be Yourself, be Stunning, Stand Out or Get Out!

And remember…all that glitters is Virgin Blak

Behind the Black Veil…

Black Veil Brides …

Black Veil Brides backstage preparing to get wild

I’m backstage with (Virgin Blak Endorsers) Black Veil Brides – “The most controversial band in the universe”, according to Kerrang! magazine – and lead singer Andy Biersack has a problem. No, he hasn’t run out of sacrificial goat blood, nor is he demanding a fresh supply of Southampton’s most nubile young virgins. Rather, he needs to find a hotel in Los Angeles for his cat, so that it can be well pampered while Biersack’s girlfriend joins the band on tour.

“There are so many options,” he says, flicking through screens on his laptop. “For $50 extra a night I can have it fed fresh tuna while receiving a massage.”


BvB lead singer Andy Biersack dressed in Virgin Blak

The most controversial band in the universe?! We came expecting flatscreen TVs through windows, not the fear that Tabby might have to survive for a few days on tinned salmon. Yet this band who look like every emo-fearing Daily Mail reader’s worst nightmare – “My parents won’t let me come to your shows,” one miffed fan wrote to them last month – are actually super-earnest, well-mannered boys who take their music and its message about positive self-identity as seriously as they take their B12 vitamin-pill regime (er, sorry to bust another myth).

There’s a reason why Black Veil Brides take things so seriously, though: it soon becomes apparent that being in this band is a serious business. Sure there are parties – the kind that saw half the group getting chucked out of the Holiday Inn last night for drunkenly roaming around the executive suite with bin lids on their heads. But there’s also the social networking (300,000 followers on @OfficialBVB), the merchandising (their DIY T-shirts outsold those for the Twilight movies before the band even had a record out) and the band’s impressive dedication to the fans who invest a hell of a lot in them (for instance: queuing outside in the Southampton drizzle hours before doors open tonight). Then there’s the frequent heckling and abuse. For every diehard BVB devotee there seems to be a whole load of people who want to throw a bottle of wee at them, as many did at last year’s Download festival.

Full article here: Behind the scenes with Black Veil Brides