How to Dress Like a Hipster

Dressing like a hipster seems to be the latest trend on the street.‘Hipster’ refers to a subculture of the youth, mostly in the urban middle class of the city who have resettled in a particular place. It actually appeared in the 1990s but it has made a comeback in 2012.

This trend is mainly associated with alternative and independent music, fashion and an alternative kind of lifestyle. It can be described as a ‘melting point of style, culture and behavior’.









Hipsters are aloof individuals but also very intellectual. They would be people who seem to not care, with the way they dress and their body language, but in reality they are very intelligent people who would be involved in some field of study or at least passionate about some domain or the other.










Dressing like a hipster is considered very cool these days. As the persona given out by these people is that they are too cool to bother about what is hot and happening. They would much prefer doing something on their own, which is not popular and mainstream. They generally reject the mainstream attitude of the consumerist society.

To dress like a hipster, you would need to play with a lot of layering in your outfit. Fitted jeans, a shirt, layered with a cardigan. Thick, black framed glasses would go well with this look.










Hipsters avoid big branded company as they regard that as too popular. They would rather go for smaller, less known brands. If that small brand supports a good cause, like its eco-friendly or is sweat shop free (American Apparel) then it`s even better!

T-shirts should have a snug and good fit for boys, with sleeves. And the jeans should be a good fit as well. For women, their outfit should not be feminine at all and should actually mimic the ‘boyfriend’ look. Hoodies and skull caps would be good options to buy, when dressing like a hipster. A beanie hat is the perfect accessory. If it’s too hot for one, a fedora hat would be good too.

When it comes to shoes, converse is a hipster’s favorite pair. Wear old beat up converse and to make it more individualistic, scribble on your shoes. Some art and graffiti makes for perfect hipster accessories.

Satchels and canvas bags are a staple part of a hipster’s wardrobe. Patterned scarves are also good to just wear over any outfit.

Above all, the hipster attitude is of key importance. That is the best accessory of dressing like a hipster. You have to make sure that you are giving out an ‘effortlessly cool’ vibe!


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