How to design graphic t shirts

There is no dearth of graphic t-shirts that are available in shops and online e stores. But it can be so much fun if one designs and makes our own graphic t-shirt. There is a sense of achievement and self satisfaction that we get when we make something on our own and it is not store bought.

Graphic T-Shirts can be designed in many ways. If one is skilled in Photoshop or adobe coral draw, then there is nothing better. Really cool and funky images can be created through these software’s. You can manipulate your own image, and make yourself look like something else!









You can even make cartoon on Photoshop, or create slogans to be printed on the t shirt












But if you are not too keen on using technology, or aren’t an expert photo shopper. Easier methods can be used, such as using a stencil.

Take a piece of cardboard, or any thick material that can be cut.  Then make your design. Go wild, it doesn`t need to make sense. After you are done, cut your design in such a way that only its outline`s remain on the cardboard. Since we are doing away with majority of the design, you should choose on which is not detail orientated but has strong outlines. Now you have your stencil.







After that place your stencil on a plain t-shirt, that doesn’t already have a design on it. Make sure the t-shirt is not creased. You can stick the stencil on temporarily on the t-shirt with some tape so it doesn’t move.

Now you can either use spray paint on the t-shirt, or use actual paint, to fill in the design. The end result will be like this.







You can design your own graphic t-shirt in an even easier way, which is directly painted on your t shirt. First think of a design in your mind, imagine how it would look on the t shirt and how it would fit. Then take out some fabric paint and go wild! Your t-shirt is your canvas and you can be as creative as you want. Just ensure that the paint, when applied is not too thick, as it would then take very long to dry and would look blotchy.

Alternatively there are many sites online which help you design and print your own t-shirt like  and Once you go to these websites, you are able to choose some designs they already have or you can create your own. Once everything is selected, they will print it and then post it to you. This sounds like fun! Isn’t it?


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