Bohemian Turban for Men by Virgin Blak

Bohemian turbans are the fashion of today, and if you are one to keep up with the in things, you surely wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity of owning a gorgeous bohemian turban by Virgin Blak. Available in four different deep shades, you may choose any which may go with the outfit of your choice.














These turbans will be the unique, innovative addition that your wardrobe is looking for. There are many reasons behind this. First of all, at its uniquely discounted price, the turban is up for grabs at a much lesser price, and therefore, it  is a good opportunity to make a budget suiting addition to your wardrobe. Secondly, due to its immense utility and many features, the accessory is worth the money paid for it.

Turbans are ideal if you want to look stylish. Best suited for men with slightly longer hair, it can also be worn by men with short hair. You may choose the colour of the turban depending on your hair and skin colour, but black is known to be most versatile.

Another important feature of the turban is that it can be worn in many different ways, and therefore, you won’t be bored of the same old, plain and tired look. You can arrange it in a triangular fashion and tie two ends at the back of the head and tuck in the third one at your forehead for a more eastern look. Or, you may use it as a bandana. You can even use it to cover your entire head, similar to a skull cap or a beanie.

Bohemian hats go with more or less every piece of clothing. If you want to go for a more formal look, you may pair it with light coloured coat and formal pants. For a more casual look, you can pair it with cargos and light coloured t-shirts. Dark turbans suit more when worn with light coloured clothing and vice versa.

Other accessories can be added to accentuate the desired look. You may opt for formal or semi-formal shoes depending on what clothes you have chosen. You can go for some light bead or stone jewellery. Lastly, you can pair it up with fashionably dark shades.

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