Everything Looks Better in Black & White

 It’s only a few days into New York Fashion Week, but there are already clear trends emerging for Fall 2014. One of the strongest trans-seasonal trends you’ll find right now is the monochrome trend.

Whether with graphic prints or stark contrast blocking, the spring runways proved that everything really does look better in black in white.

5 reasons to embrace monochrome:

1. This is a classic look. It’s timeless, so even if the fashion gods are not dictating that it’s a style for the season, you can wear it anyway. Which means you probably already have pieces that fit the trend and, therefore, plenty of opportunities to mix and match straight from your wardrobe.

2. It ALWAYS looks smart. No matter what the occasion or time of day, whip out a black and white ensemble and you’re good to go.

3. You can work this look on a budget because the combination is inherently stylish. Aim for pieces that are made well and in fabrics that will wear well over time (remembering this trend will always come around again).

4. The monochrome look lends itself very easily to a splash of colour with accessories. Chartreuse is back with a vengeance. You’ll also find orange, green, red, fuchsia and shades of blue doing their show pony thing.

5. Importantly, this is a trend you can embrace now when it’s still cold.Layer with coats and tights and then peel off those layers in the coming months for a crisp spring look.

Check out VB’s monochrome for every occasion below.




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