5 Edgy Looks from Asian Pop Culture You Can Recreate

From Japan’s cosplay and anime scene to Korea’s K-pop music, Asia’s unique pop culture is definitely getting worldwide attention. Alongside the rising fame of Asia’s mainstream entertainment scene, the region is also making its mark for being experimental with fashion.

Style is inseparable from Asian culture; that’s why we have compiled five edgy looks inspired from Korean and Japanese pop culture that are worth recreating.

Jang Geun Seuk in You’re Beautiful









K-drama fans know Hallyu star Jang Geun Suk as a stylish young man both onscreen and behind the scenes. His role as the cold and perfectionist vocalist of the band A.N.JELL in the hit drama “You’re Beautiful” was well-represented in his dark, edgy ensemble.









His character Hwang Tae Kyung wore androgynous outfits that matched his long hair and eyeliner—an alternative take to the usual K-pop look.










Lightweight Cowl Collar Long Sleeve

This loose cowl-neck tee is the perfect top for Jang Geun Suk’s character. He likes wearing drapes for that soft but edgy look that is form-fitting.










Grunge Print Cowl Neck Long Sleeve Tee


Alice Nine









Alice Nine is one of the most popular Visual Kei bands in Japan. Visual Kei refers to a movement that is also used to describe Japanese music that involves using extravagant clothing coupled with extreme hairstyles and makeup. They have, however, downplayed their look over time. Their outfits still have traces of their elaborate fashion history evident in studded coats, chains, and tops with asymmetrical cuts that they wear.








The band has influenced Japanese street fashion that is both wearable and edgy at the same time. Aside from the spiky hairstyle that J-pop artists sport, Alice Nine was one of the groups that made small frames look good in baggy pants and sleeveless tops.









Strappy Sleeved Long Sleeve Tee

The details on this sleeve balances the drapes on the harem pants to give off a more pulled-together look. The studded jacket with spikes can also be partnered with the pants to give a more punk rock feel.









Moto Studded & Spiked Leather Biker Jacket



















G-Dragon, or GD as most fans would call him, is probably South Korea’s best-dressed artist. The leader of top hip-hop group Bigbang can pull off any outfit no matter how eccentric or bizarre it may seem. He still looks good even in pink hair and an all-gold ensemble.

GD is a fashion inspiration not only for the ghetto crowd but also for those who want to do away with the usual and attract attention. Only G-dragon can wear extremely baggy jackets or insanely tight leather pants and get away with it.

Virgin Blak offers not only neutral blacks and whites but also colorful jackets that are GD-style. Wear these one-of-a-kind jackets with pride and pair it with his signature leather pants.









 Casino Print Faux Leather Sleeved Varsity Jacket









Gold Belts Print Zip Jacket

GD proves he is the master of the universe whenever he puts on blazers or coats that are military-inspired. Make even the plainest tank top stand out with this military coat and be ready to look fantastic in seconds.

















 Gold-buttoned military coat


The Gazette















The Gazette is a five-member Visual Kei J-rock band whose immense popularity has reached a worldwide audience. Like all Visual Kei groups, they wear elaborate outfits to match the present culture Japan is known for. Heavy eyeliner, low-cut tops, fashionable accessories and leather all over—The Gazette is a fashion icon in their own right.

 The secret to a complete look is accessorizing. Learn how to incorporate the right accessories to your staples to upgrade your outfit. The Gazette can be seen wearing studded belts—this Snake Print Belt is a good piece, along with the cross pendant, to complete the Visual Kei ensemble.










Snake Print Studded Cross Buckle Belt 










 Silver Cross Pendant and Bead Necklace

One of the members can easily be singled out because of his fondness for wearing hooded tops or covering a part of his face. This hooded tunic will allow you to recreate his look.









Overlapped Front Long Hooded Tunic


















F(x) is not your usual K-pop act. Although they are still singing and dancing to the electronic beats of Korean Pop Music, the girls of F(x) don clothes on the edgy side of fashion instead of cute or glamorous. Luna, Sulli, Victoria, Amber, and Krystal can be seen wearing clothes with elaborate designs and angular cuts.

Tank tops and leggings are given an oomph factor when they are made from good material like leather or have abstract prints on them. F(x) likes to wear cool outfits onstage that are definitely worth a try even if you are not performing.










Baroque Design Graphic T-Shirt

Pair this graphic t-shirt with the studded leather vest for a look that deserves a second glance. Also, wear either plain or printed leggings with the ensemble—whichever tickles your fancy.










Spike Studded Leather Biker Vest










Damaged Grunge Leggings









Swirled Geometric Print Baggy Skinny Pants

Which of the following looks are you excited to pull-off? All items are available at the Virgin Blak website.


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