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Black Veil Brides backstage preparing to get wild

I’m backstage with (Virgin Blak Endorsers) Black Veil Brides – “The most controversial band in the universe”, according to Kerrang! magazine – and lead singer Andy Biersack has a problem. No, he hasn’t run out of sacrificial goat blood, nor is he demanding a fresh supply of Southampton’s most nubile young virgins. Rather, he needs to find a hotel in Los Angeles for his cat, so that it can be well pampered while Biersack’s girlfriend joins the band on tour.

“There are so many options,” he says, flicking through screens on his laptop. “For $50 extra a night I can have it fed fresh tuna while receiving a massage.”


BvB lead singer Andy Biersack dressed in Virgin Blak

The most controversial band in the universe?! We came expecting flatscreen TVs through windows, not the fear that Tabby might have to survive for a few days on tinned salmon. Yet this band who look like every emo-fearing Daily Mail reader’s worst nightmare – “My parents won’t let me come to your shows,” one miffed fan wrote to them last month – are actually super-earnest, well-mannered boys who take their music and its message about positive self-identity as seriously as they take their B12 vitamin-pill regime (er, sorry to bust another myth).

There’s a reason why Black Veil Brides take things so seriously, though: it soon becomes apparent that being in this band is a serious business. Sure there are parties – the kind that saw half the group getting chucked out of the Holiday Inn last night for drunkenly roaming around the executive suite with bin lids on their heads. But there’s also the social networking (300,000 followers on @OfficialBVB), the merchandising (their DIY T-shirts outsold those for the Twilight movies before the band even had a record out) and the band’s impressive dedication to the fans who invest a hell of a lot in them (for instance: queuing outside in the Southampton drizzle hours before doors open tonight). Then there’s the frequent heckling and abuse. For every diehard BVB devotee there seems to be a whole load of people who want to throw a bottle of wee at them, as many did at last year’s Download festival.

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Tommy keeping it real at Black Sabbath SOLD OUT Shows

Clufetos&BlackSabbathBlack Sabbath performed the first of two SOLD OUT shows at Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne on Monday night.

This was black Sabbath’s first return to Australia with Ozzy on vocals since the early 1970s and as they launched their way through a set of classics it was clear their intention was to thrill young and old alike by staying true to form.

And sticking with that note, one of the most rocking reminiscing moments of the show that truly galvanised the audience was the drum solo. The drum solo you ask? Surely the drum solo died in 1973? No!

Virgin Blak Endorser Tommy Clufetos was a polyrhythmic monster and his extended spot was an unexpected, exhilarating highlight that saw him in a blur of arms and produced one of the most memorable moments of the night. Clufetos really holds the original Bill Ward groove. Songs like “Snowblind”, “N.I.B.” or “Behind the Wall of Sleep” aren’t paced up to help conjure some kind of false excitement. They’re slow, hard and heavy, just how the fans like it.

Clufetos drum soloAnother captivating moment and a special treat for the fans was when the band performed a world premiere of another new track entitled “Methademic”.

“Methademic” is one of three bonus tracks that will appear on the deluxe edition of 13. The first Sabbath album to feature Ozzy since “Never Say Die!” in 1978, 13 is due out on 7th June. The album’s lead single “God Is Dead? is out now.

The new track “Methademic” can be seen here: “Methademic” live @ Melbourne

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