What is Health Goth?


By Adam H Gough


In the fashion world, trends come and go, some can go almost as soon as they come.

Case in point: Health Goth.

So what is it?

In a nutshell Health Goth can be described as “traditional goth gone body-conscious,” and “a very modern mix of gothic and punk sensibilities.”

The concept of Health Goth was born last year when American musicians Mike Grabarek and Jeremy Scott began uploading images they were inspired by to Facebook. Soon, their library of futuristic, monochrome style inspo had over five thousand followers, and today, the Health Goth community is still expanding. But what exactly is it?

In an interview with Complex fashion magazine in August this year, the creators listed their inspirations as ‘mesh, moisture-wicking fabrics, prosthetics, fashion and performance wear brands, transparent clothing and chains’. Basically, think traditional goth gone body-conscious, studded wristbands swapped for sweatbands, or indeed worn together. High-performance sportswear is key for nailing the Health Goth look, but inspiration also comes from sci-fi and cyberpunk, which adds the futuristic element.


Despite the name only being first coined last year, Health Goth aesthetics have been around for a while, particularly in the movie world. Trinity from The Matrix, with her trademark wraparound sunglasses, and even Daryl Hannah’s Pris from the 1982 cult hit Blade Runner, could both be classed as pioneers of what’s now known as Health Goth. Slick, figure-hugging silhouettes and transparent materials are all staples of the trend, but Health Goth can also be sexy – think flame-haired Milla Jovovich in The Fifth Element.

Never one to risk being understated in his sartorial choices, Kanye West has also dabbled with the futuristic look, often sporting studded Maison Martin Margiela full-face masks at his shows, and finishing his look with pristine white Nikes.

Is this trend going to stick around? Basically, should I bother investing in it?


According to those in the know, we should all be embracing our dark sides. ‘It’s very now, and something we can expect to trend for months to come,’ said Tammy Smulders, managing partner of trend insight consultancy SCB Partners.

For those still wondering exactly how to do it, Tammy also has some useful advice. ‘Layer fun, edgy and colourful prints on a base of minimalist black, grey and white colour palates. It’s a really interesting style evolution that looks and feels fresh.’ But despite the morbid live-fast die-young diagnosis Health Goth, there’s still hope for those of you wanting to try out the trend for yourself. In fact you need go no further than the Virgin Blak website for all your ironic, black and white Health Goth needs.



Dying young and leaving a good looking corpse does not just apply to human beings, it applies to fashion trends too. So enjoy this iconic trends time on earth as much as you can before it meets its grisly but romantic demise.

As usual Virgin Blak were there with the goods before mainline labels like the Alexander Wang x H&M collection even had their concepts in the womb, and they’ll be the one to take Health Goth to the grave too…



Everything Looks Better in Black & White

 It’s only a few days into New York Fashion Week, but there are already clear trends emerging for Fall 2014. One of the strongest trans-seasonal trends you’ll find right now is the monochrome trend.

Whether with graphic prints or stark contrast blocking, the spring runways proved that everything really does look better in black in white.

5 reasons to embrace monochrome:

1. This is a classic look. It’s timeless, so even if the fashion gods are not dictating that it’s a style for the season, you can wear it anyway. Which means you probably already have pieces that fit the trend and, therefore, plenty of opportunities to mix and match straight from your wardrobe.

2. It ALWAYS looks smart. No matter what the occasion or time of day, whip out a black and white ensemble and you’re good to go.

3. You can work this look on a budget because the combination is inherently stylish. Aim for pieces that are made well and in fabrics that will wear well over time (remembering this trend will always come around again).

4. The monochrome look lends itself very easily to a splash of colour with accessories. Chartreuse is back with a vengeance. You’ll also find orange, green, red, fuchsia and shades of blue doing their show pony thing.

5. Importantly, this is a trend you can embrace now when it’s still cold.Layer with coats and tights and then peel off those layers in the coming months for a crisp spring look.

Check out VB’s monochrome for every occasion below.




130906aa699 DSC_0473 DSC_6241 virginblak-다니 (41)

How to design graphic t shirts

There is no dearth of graphic t-shirts that are available in shops and online e stores. But it can be so much fun if one designs and makes our own graphic t-shirt. There is a sense of achievement and self satisfaction that we get when we make something on our own and it is not store bought.

Graphic T-Shirts can be designed in many ways. If one is skilled in Photoshop or adobe coral draw, then there is nothing better. Really cool and funky images can be created through these software’s. You can manipulate your own image, and make yourself look like something else!









You can even make cartoon on Photoshop, or create slogans to be printed on the t shirt












But if you are not too keen on using technology, or aren’t an expert photo shopper. Easier methods can be used, such as using a stencil.

Take a piece of cardboard, or any thick material that can be cut.  Then make your design. Go wild, it doesn`t need to make sense. After you are done, cut your design in such a way that only its outline`s remain on the cardboard. Since we are doing away with majority of the design, you should choose on which is not detail orientated but has strong outlines. Now you have your stencil.







After that place your stencil on a plain t-shirt, that doesn’t already have a design on it. Make sure the t-shirt is not creased. You can stick the stencil on temporarily on the t-shirt with some tape so it doesn’t move.

Now you can either use spray paint on the t-shirt, or use actual paint, to fill in the design. The end result will be like this.







You can design your own graphic t-shirt in an even easier way, which is directly painted on your t shirt. First think of a design in your mind, imagine how it would look on the t shirt and how it would fit. Then take out some fabric paint and go wild! Your t-shirt is your canvas and you can be as creative as you want. Just ensure that the paint, when applied is not too thick, as it would then take very long to dry and would look blotchy.

Alternatively there are many sites online which help you design and print your own t-shirt like www.customink.com  and www.threadless.com. Once you go to these websites, you are able to choose some designs they already have or you can create your own. Once everything is selected, they will print it and then post it to you. This sounds like fun! Isn’t it?


How to Dress Like a Hipster

Dressing like a hipster seems to be the latest trend on the street.‘Hipster’ refers to a subculture of the youth, mostly in the urban middle class of the city who have resettled in a particular place. It actually appeared in the 1990s but it has made a comeback in 2012.

This trend is mainly associated with alternative and independent music, fashion and an alternative kind of lifestyle. It can be described as a ‘melting point of style, culture and behavior’.









Hipsters are aloof individuals but also very intellectual. They would be people who seem to not care, with the way they dress and their body language, but in reality they are very intelligent people who would be involved in some field of study or at least passionate about some domain or the other.










Dressing like a hipster is considered very cool these days. As the persona given out by these people is that they are too cool to bother about what is hot and happening. They would much prefer doing something on their own, which is not popular and mainstream. They generally reject the mainstream attitude of the consumerist society.

To dress like a hipster, you would need to play with a lot of layering in your outfit. Fitted jeans, a shirt, layered with a cardigan. Thick, black framed glasses would go well with this look.










Hipsters avoid big branded company as they regard that as too popular. They would rather go for smaller, less known brands. If that small brand supports a good cause, like its eco-friendly or is sweat shop free (American Apparel) then it`s even better!

T-shirts should have a snug and good fit for boys, with sleeves. And the jeans should be a good fit as well. For women, their outfit should not be feminine at all and should actually mimic the ‘boyfriend’ look. Hoodies and skull caps would be good options to buy, when dressing like a hipster. A beanie hat is the perfect accessory. If it’s too hot for one, a fedora hat would be good too.

When it comes to shoes, converse is a hipster’s favorite pair. Wear old beat up converse and to make it more individualistic, scribble on your shoes. Some art and graffiti makes for perfect hipster accessories.

Satchels and canvas bags are a staple part of a hipster’s wardrobe. Patterned scarves are also good to just wear over any outfit.

Above all, the hipster attitude is of key importance. That is the best accessory of dressing like a hipster. You have to make sure that you are giving out an ‘effortlessly cool’ vibe!


5 Edgy Looks from Asian Pop Culture You Can Recreate

From Japan’s cosplay and anime scene to Korea’s K-pop music, Asia’s unique pop culture is definitely getting worldwide attention. Alongside the rising fame of Asia’s mainstream entertainment scene, the region is also making its mark for being experimental with fashion.

Style is inseparable from Asian culture; that’s why we have compiled five edgy looks inspired from Korean and Japanese pop culture that are worth recreating.

Jang Geun Seuk in You’re Beautiful









K-drama fans know Hallyu star Jang Geun Suk as a stylish young man both onscreen and behind the scenes. His role as the cold and perfectionist vocalist of the band A.N.JELL in the hit drama “You’re Beautiful” was well-represented in his dark, edgy ensemble.









His character Hwang Tae Kyung wore androgynous outfits that matched his long hair and eyeliner—an alternative take to the usual K-pop look.










Lightweight Cowl Collar Long Sleeve

This loose cowl-neck tee is the perfect top for Jang Geun Suk’s character. He likes wearing drapes for that soft but edgy look that is form-fitting.










Grunge Print Cowl Neck Long Sleeve Tee


Alice Nine









Alice Nine is one of the most popular Visual Kei bands in Japan. Visual Kei refers to a movement that is also used to describe Japanese music that involves using extravagant clothing coupled with extreme hairstyles and makeup. They have, however, downplayed their look over time. Their outfits still have traces of their elaborate fashion history evident in studded coats, chains, and tops with asymmetrical cuts that they wear.








The band has influenced Japanese street fashion that is both wearable and edgy at the same time. Aside from the spiky hairstyle that J-pop artists sport, Alice Nine was one of the groups that made small frames look good in baggy pants and sleeveless tops.









Strappy Sleeved Long Sleeve Tee

The details on this sleeve balances the drapes on the harem pants to give off a more pulled-together look. The studded jacket with spikes can also be partnered with the pants to give a more punk rock feel.









Moto Studded & Spiked Leather Biker Jacket



















G-Dragon, or GD as most fans would call him, is probably South Korea’s best-dressed artist. The leader of top hip-hop group Bigbang can pull off any outfit no matter how eccentric or bizarre it may seem. He still looks good even in pink hair and an all-gold ensemble.

GD is a fashion inspiration not only for the ghetto crowd but also for those who want to do away with the usual and attract attention. Only G-dragon can wear extremely baggy jackets or insanely tight leather pants and get away with it.

Virgin Blak offers not only neutral blacks and whites but also colorful jackets that are GD-style. Wear these one-of-a-kind jackets with pride and pair it with his signature leather pants.









 Casino Print Faux Leather Sleeved Varsity Jacket









Gold Belts Print Zip Jacket

GD proves he is the master of the universe whenever he puts on blazers or coats that are military-inspired. Make even the plainest tank top stand out with this military coat and be ready to look fantastic in seconds.

















 Gold-buttoned military coat


The Gazette















The Gazette is a five-member Visual Kei J-rock band whose immense popularity has reached a worldwide audience. Like all Visual Kei groups, they wear elaborate outfits to match the present culture Japan is known for. Heavy eyeliner, low-cut tops, fashionable accessories and leather all over—The Gazette is a fashion icon in their own right.

 The secret to a complete look is accessorizing. Learn how to incorporate the right accessories to your staples to upgrade your outfit. The Gazette can be seen wearing studded belts—this Snake Print Belt is a good piece, along with the cross pendant, to complete the Visual Kei ensemble.










Snake Print Studded Cross Buckle Belt 










 Silver Cross Pendant and Bead Necklace

One of the members can easily be singled out because of his fondness for wearing hooded tops or covering a part of his face. This hooded tunic will allow you to recreate his look.









Overlapped Front Long Hooded Tunic


















F(x) is not your usual K-pop act. Although they are still singing and dancing to the electronic beats of Korean Pop Music, the girls of F(x) don clothes on the edgy side of fashion instead of cute or glamorous. Luna, Sulli, Victoria, Amber, and Krystal can be seen wearing clothes with elaborate designs and angular cuts.

Tank tops and leggings are given an oomph factor when they are made from good material like leather or have abstract prints on them. F(x) likes to wear cool outfits onstage that are definitely worth a try even if you are not performing.










Baroque Design Graphic T-Shirt

Pair this graphic t-shirt with the studded leather vest for a look that deserves a second glance. Also, wear either plain or printed leggings with the ensemble—whichever tickles your fancy.










Spike Studded Leather Biker Vest










Damaged Grunge Leggings









Swirled Geometric Print Baggy Skinny Pants

Which of the following looks are you excited to pull-off? All items are available at the Virgin Blak website.


Virgin Blak Halloween Photo Contest!

VB_facepaint halloweenHalloween Photo Contest!

Whether funny, furry, scary, or sweet, just add #vbHalloween and you will be entered to win!

How to enter: 

1) Capture your best Halloween-themed photo – you don’t need to be wearing VB clothing BUT that would be a bonus ;)

2) Share it by posting it right here on our Facebook with the hashtag #vbHalloween under it – feel free to include caption and your full names.


Winners will be personally chosen by our own top VB clothing designers and will be announced by November 30th right here on our blog as well as our Facebook page!

Watch this space and remember to tell your fiends and keep a spooky eye out on what your many other VB Darklings are all submitting over at the Virgin Blak Facebook

Style Crunch: Four Fashion Icons Inspiring the VB look this Season

Richard Hell epitomizes Virgin Blak’s ‘Street Luxe/ High Fash Trash’ ethos in the title of his autobiography

Both the Huffington Post and Cosmopolitan Magazine have made audacious claims that Courtney Love is where punk style began. Pullease! At Virgin Blak we must disagree. Take a look at Exene Cervenka, Patti Smith, Lydia Lunch, Polly Styrene – and a lot of other sadly anonymous punks from the 70s – all of whom predate Courtney by at least a decade and a half. Love bases a lot of her grunge style on Exene-the original punk rock ragdoll. Not to mention Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McClaren who invented/adapted various now classic tropes of punk style, especially British, and Malcolm McClaren ripped off Richard Hell of the NY Band the Voidoids. At Virgin Blak we’d go so far as to say, Hell singlehandedly created the ripped and safety pinned look.

So we have chosen are own three original fashion icons inspiring our looks this season:


Richard Hell (born Richard Lester Meyers) is a singersongwriterbass guitarist, and writer. Richard Hell was an innovator of punk music and fashion. He was one of the first to spike his hair and wear torn, cut and drawn-on shirts, often held together with safety pinsMalcolm McLaren, manager of the Sex Pistols, has credited Hell as a source of inspiration for the Sex Pistols’ look and attitude, as well as the safety-pin and graphics accessorized clothing that McLaren sold in his London shop, Sex.

B2-Image-One          MOrning-Shot-Richard-Hell-635           21-richard-helllate1970sbykatesimon


Patti Smith cemented herself as the “Godmother of Punk” with her 1975 album “Horses,” but she’d become a fixture in the New York City art and music scene far before then, living at the Chelsea Hotel with photographer Robert Mapplethorpe and hanging out regularly at Max’s Kansas City and CBGB. She and Mapplethorpe often shared clothes, and she cultivated an androgynous, menswear-inspired look, opting for collared shirts, loose neckties, and blazers worn with pants and boots. Her distaste for anything feminine or traditionally “pretty” bred its own sense of cool.

r-PATTI-SMITH-STYLE-large          a_4x-vertical          a_4x-vertical-2


Even from the days of his early-’80s goth band The Birthday Party when his trademark ‘psycho-mullet’ first appeared Cave’s long been considered one of the best dressed men in rock ‘n’ roll. And while his songs more frequently than not center around sordid, desperate characters, he’s rarely been spotted looking anything less than perfectly put-together, even when his own lifestyle veered towards the intensely dissolute. His trademark blend of high-end tailoring and gutter-level sleaze has inspired countless scuzzy rockers to put on a suit and comb their hair. A white shirt with a dark suit is about as elemental as men’s fashion gets, and about half the time you see Cave, that’s what he’s wearing. He doesn’t mess with the formula either. You’ll never see him wearing a deconstructed take on the suit, or a suit matched with a graphic tee. It’s just a nicely made suit, paired up with a nicely made shirt — and it looks good every time he wears it.

cave          Nick+Cave-1          Nick+Cave+Cave+XXII


Skinny Puppy is a Canadian electronic music group, formed in VancouverBritish Columbia,Canada in 1982. The group is widely considered to be one of the founders of the electro-industrial genre. Not only are they the founders of of that particular genre but at Virgin Blak we consider them to be the founders of industrial, cybergoth and futurepop fashion stylings. We’re talking about a band emerging straight out of the still somewhat hippie-esque 70s and taking the gothic stylings of The Cure and Siouxie Sioux to ten shades shadier and more extreme yet getting no credit for it. We also admire their gang mentality in fashion camaraderie where the group dressed in similar guise to reinforce their all for one and one for all ethos.

Skinny+Puppy          tumblr_ll2pqepcjZ1qbc9v6o1_500          MI0001413097



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A/W2013: Suits you Miss Blak!

VB_AW2013Autumn/winter 2013 is shoddy and shabby to the point of striking and stunning – and that’s something the Virgin Blak Store caters to 100 per cent! 

When even chronically uptight labels such as Céline – the designer of choice for women who prefer their knickers not only ironed, but starched to papery perfection – are showing raw edges and raggedy shrugged-off styles, you know there’s something in the air. And when women start wearing men’s clothing something is definitely stirring out there. Women wearing menswear is nothing new but not since Marlene Dietrich was threatened with arrest for sporting trousers on Paris streets in the 1930s has it been brought to the forefront of the fashion world.

VB_AW2013b“Grunge” and “punk” are two tags that the fashion is milking to describe the movement towards something more beaten-up, less pristine. The latter coincided with this summer’s Chaos to Couture exhibition at the Met, while the former was underlined by Hedi Slimane’s deliberately contentious ode to Kurt and Courtney at Saint Laurent. But could you really dub Haider Ackermann’s distressed layers of tweed and boiled wool, punk? Or call Saskia de Brauw’s shrugged-off great-coat at Prada, grunge? Thought not. It’s more about details, hacked-off hems on unexpected fabrics such as silk satin or jacquard, and that’s what we specialise in here at Virgin Blak. Céline even reworked the checked laundry bag into an intricate jacquard already generating customer waiting lists endless copyists.

Walk this way Miss Blak

121122aa189           130806aa084           120917aa070

130822aa018           130902aa097           130903aa125

130807aa124           130806aa059          130823aa081

Check out ALL we have to offer you this Autumn & Winter at our online store


VB Endorser Patrick Stone in the studio with Lemmy & Son

Patrick Stone_Lemmy

In the studio: Paul Inder Kilmister, Lemmy Kilmister & Patrick Stone

Virgin Blak endorser Patrick Stone lives up to his name – he must be one of the hardest rocking (and hardest working) men in the music world. Patrick has spent much of 2013 touring, blasting his way up n’ down both coasts of America and all over Europe with multiple bands and alongside rock n’ rolls top performing artists as well as putting out his heart to play soul-stirring shows to the allied troops currently based in Germany.

Well, Mr Stone is now back in LA, writing and recording a new album for a brand new project guaranteed to get any rock fan revved up.

“I’m currently in the studio with Motörhead manager Todd Singerman to record an original album and I’ve never been more excited. Lemmy’s son Paul Inder Kilmister is producing and the album should be released later this year!”

Patrick is the lead singer for Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductee Steven Adler (Guns N’ Roses) and Adler’s Appetite. He is also the singer, songwriter of the LA outfit Aces N Eights, for which he produced the debut EP “Dead Man’s Hand.” Patrick has worked with such artists as Lemmy Killmeister and Phil Campbell (Motorhead), West Arkeen (The Outpatience), Jimmy Bain (Dio), Simon Wright (AC/DC),  Slash, Duff McKagan, and Matt Sorum (Velvet Revolver), Frankie Banali, Chuck Wright (Quiet Riot), the Australian band Mammal and many more.

Patrick Stone officially endorsers Virgin Blak Clothing





Fall 2013 is all about High Fash Trash


This is the year of punk. Vogue magazine decreed it to be so, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art‘s Costume Institute chimed in with its “Punk: Chaos to Couture” exhibition which we covered on our blog earlier in spring.

(The fascination with punk is likely to continue with the film “CBGB,” scheduled to come to theaters in October, with Malin Akerman as Debbie Harry and Mickey Sumner as Patti Smith, documenting the story of Hilly Kristal’s legendary New York music venue that nurtured the punk scene beginning in 1973, closed its doors in 2006 and has now become a John Varvatos store.)

Looking at the fall 2013 collections, it’s clear that many designers are still inspired, if not directly by punk pioneers Johnny Rotten (above), Sid Vicious, Iggy Pop, Malcolm McLaren and Vivienne Westwood, then by their rebel spirit. The looks that came down the runways were rallying cries for fierce femininity. Nods to punks, grunge rockers, glam rockers, hippies, bikers and other street-style tribes came in the forms of motorcycle jackets, tie-dye, tartan checks, combat-ready camouflage, chains, spikes and studs.

High Fash Trash!

The Sex Pistols exemplify High Fash Trash

The best looks were rough, but also refined. Punk and Grunge (Grunk!) with a touch of class. We at Virgin Blak have penned it Street Luxe…or High Fash Trash. Well, whatever you want to call it, we trust you, the VB fans, our darling Darklings know best and know what works best and what doesn’t – we’re just here to supply you with the raw materials, we are the fuel for your fire, we are the Blak Powder for your explosive styles and fierce n’ fiery fashion combinations…

Check the Virgin Blak online store for our latest F/W2013 items:

VB_F/W1           VB_F/W2           VB_F/W3   VB_F/W4          VB_F/W5           VB_F/W6

VB_F/W7           VB_F/W8           VB_F/W9